Frequently Asked Questions

What is a surgical face mask ?

A surgical face mask is a medical device designed to prevent the droplets exhaled by the mask-wearing individual from reaching the people around him or her. It also keeps outside germs and droplets from entering the mask-wearer’s own respiratory system.  

Why should I wear a surgical face mask rather than a cloth mask ?

The washable consumer cloth masks do not ensure proper sanitary protection. The materials they are made of have generally not been tested and they do not guarantee efficient filtration against germs and particles. This is the case of the “barrier masks” complying with the AFNOR guidelines. These alternative masks screen their wearers from droplets but they do not provide the same high level of respiratory protection as the one guaranteed by surgical face masks and FFP2-type masks.

In its latest recommendation (dated 14 March 2020), the French Society for Hospital Hygiene strongly advises health professionals to use surgical face masks and to stay away from any other types of masks such as cloth masks, paper masks, pieces of cloth tied around the head, as we currently have very little scientific data about the level of protective efficiency of those alternatives.

Our face masks are made of 3 non-woven layers (plies) and fully meet the European standards. You will find further information on this in our EC Standards section.

Why should I order face masks for my company or organization ?

On 28 April 2020, France’s Prime Minister stated, with reference to the easing of the lockdown, that employers had to implement proper measures and provide protective equipment – masks, among others – in all cases where remote working would have to be ended or reduced. As an employer, you have a number of obligations with regard to your staff’s health. Besides your moral responsibility in the matter of public health, providing your employees with protective equipment will help you keep at bay claims for occupational diseases and workplace accidents linked to the COVID-19, claims which could expose the firm and its management to civil or criminal liability.

As a new COVID-19 pandemic wave cannot be ruled out at this point, French authorities have requested French businesses, on July 1st, to stock up on face masks so as to be able to protect their staff over a period of 10 weeks.

What is the degree of efficiency of your masks ?

Our type IIR surgical face masks filter more than 99.8% of particles.

How long do your face masks remain valid ?

Their efficiency is guaranteed for 5 years.

Who can order directly from Le Masque Français ?

We mainly supply professionals, communities and local authorities who, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, wish to safeguard their personnels and citizenries with high-quality surgical face masks. Private individuals, however, can also order our surgical masks directly from our website. Our ordering platform guarantees fully secure payment.

Who can wear our face masks ?

Everybody! Our masks fit all face shapes.

Do you manufacture colored masks ?

Yes we do provide colored masks (pink, orange, yellow) but we are currently out of stock. Check our website regularly, they'll be available soon again !

Do you manufacture children size masks ?

No, we do not provide children size masks.

How should I wear my surgical face mask ?

For our blue, yellow, pink or orange masks, the coloured side will be the one which is not touching your face. Make sure the metal bridge (clip) is at the top against your nose. For white masks, cover your face with the side where the seals of the elastic loops are clearly visible, and here again the metal bridge should come against your nose.

Where are your masks manufactured ?

Our surgical masks are manufactured in our Meudon factories in the Hauts-de-Seine (92) and made of raw materials coming from Northern France. The packaging is produced at our Saint-Marcellin workshops in the Isère department (38). We feel very strongly about supporting our local and national industry.

How are your masks designed ?

Our masks are made of 3 layers (plies) to ensure optimum filtration. Comfortable, latex-free and hypoallergenic, they are fitted out with a metal nose bridge and are secured to the head with elastic ear loops. For more information, please see our technical data sheet.

What means of payment do you accept ?

Le Masque Français currently accepts payments via PayPal, ApplePay or bank/credit cards : VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Payment is made and processed on ordering.

Je souhaite payer par chèque ou par virement. Est-ce possible ?

Nous n'acceptons pas les paiements par chèque et par virement bancaire pour les commandes en ligne.

Is it possible to pay by government-issued payment order ?

Yes! We are used to working with local and public authorities. We accept bank transfers and governmentissued payment orders. Please contact us to get an estimate and/or a pro forma invoice.

How is the security of payments ensured ?

You can pay your order by credit card via the Stripe platform. Stripe, under no circumstances, stores or accesses your bank details. The saving of your bank details simplifies and speeds up the ordering process without ever comprimising their security. As for PayPal and ApplePay, they too fully guarantee the privacy of your bank details.

Do your masks comply with European standards ?

All our masks are designed and manufactured in strict compliance with the prevailing regulations in order to ensure maximum protection for their users. Our surgical masks fall into the Class I Medical Devices category and enforce the Annex IV of the European 93/42/CEE Directive, and they fully meet the European EN 14683 standard. For more information, please go to our EC Standards page.

How long will my mask remain efficient when I am wearing it ?

Our face masks are disposable, which means that re-using them is not recommended. To ensure a thorough protection against particles, you should wear your mask for no more than 4 hours, wash your hands before putting it on and after removing it, and throw it away after use in an eco-friendly way.


I would rather buy your surgical face masks in a retail store. Is this possible ?

Not yet, but our high-quality masks can already be purchased in some pharmacies, such as the BrancionVouillé pharmacy in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Alternatively, after ordering online, you can also come and pick up your order at our factory in Meudon, a very pleasant town located in the vicinity of Paris. We will welcome you with a smile! 

I live within a stone’s throw of your factory. May I just pop over and pick up my masks ?

Yes, feel free to do so! This will save you the shipping charges. Just click on the “Pick Up” option when choosing the delivery mode, during the ordering process. We will email you a confirmation as soon as your items are ready to be picked up. You will find our doors open from Sunday through Friday, between 9 am and 7 pm, and our address is 154 rue de Paris, 92190 Meudon.

How long will the delivery take ?

For small quantities, our face masks are shipped via Colissimo within 3 to 7 days. Delivery may take up to 48 hours. You should therefore receive your order within a maximum of 9 days. For large quantities, please contact us so that we can estimate the optimum shipping time for your specific order. Also, you might like to know that our production capacities enable us to be particularly reactive!

Where can I find reviews on Le Masque Français ?

Dozens of urban communities, local authorities, associations, small and medium-sized businesses, healthcare professionals and private individuals have used and been fully satisfied with our surgical face masks. You can find the list of our partners here, and our Google reviews here. And please don’t hesitate to share your own experience with all of us!

Can I buy FFP2 masks from Le Masque Français ?

For the time being, we are focusing on the surgical face masks. But the FFP2 masks are in our sights. Please stay tuned by following us on social media or by subscribing to our newsletter!

I would like to order a large quantity of masks. Do you use sliding scale pricing ? 

Yes, our prices vary according to quantities. 

Up to 5000 units, please order directly from our online platform.

For orders over 5000 units, please contact us at Please indicate your phone number so we can call you back.

For large quantities, we will be happy to consider a long-term supply agreement with you.

The terms of payment are as follows: 50% on ordering, 50% on delivery.

I would like to be delivered a large volume. How will it be shipped ?

Our masks are packaged in boxes of 1000 or 2000 units each, and the size of these boxes are as follows:

1000 units20 x 50 x 38 cm
2000 units


40 x 50 x 38 cm 

Our pallets are 1.30m high and contain 24,000 masks each.

Our 60m3 trucks can hold up to 21 pallets, or 504,000 masks.

My order has been cancelled. Will I get a refund ?

Due to a heavy demand, our lead and shipping times can fluctuate. If, for some reason, your order had to be cancelled, we will notify you immediately and send you a full refund.

I received my order but it was incomplete or damaged. 

We are truly sorry that you encountered delivery issues. Write us with your command number at : Our team will answer quickly.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found here the answer to my question or problem…

For any further question you might have, please contact us at